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Grass seed for all conditions

Instant Green will have the right grass seed for your conditions. See our range below.

I.G – Outfield Dark is a fine rye / fine fescue, a traditional choice that offers excellent wear, appearance and colour.

I.G – Yorker is our most popular seller. Tall fescue type turf.  It’s deep rooting, drought tolerant and extremely hardwearing. This is the blend most commonly used by councils for public areas, but is equally suited to the classic Kiwi backyard.

I.G – Play maker is a fine rye blend, with deep green colour, a good choice for high wear areas and also performs well under drought conditions.

I.G – Mid Wicket is a fine rye blend that exhibits good mowing characteristics. It’s suitable for a wide range of lawns, ideal for high wear areas where quick recovery is needed.

I.G – Tradition is a pure fine fescue lawn, made up of 50% Chewings Fescue, and 50% Creeping Red Fescue.  Ideal show lawn with good mowing characteristics.

SEED BLEND     Full Sun        Shady       Show Lawn     Play Lawn   Tennis Court
I.G – Outfield Dark       √     √     √     √     √
I.G – Play maker       √     √     √     √
I.G – Mid Wicket       √     √     √     √
I.G – Tradition       √     √     √     √
I.G – Yorker       √     √     √     √