A highly refined synthetic liquid which binds with the dust particles making them immovable and able to withstand heavy traffic 

  • Actively reworkable and self-healing after heavy traffic.

  • Non-film forming makes it perfect for yards, hardstands and roads with heavy truck, tractor, chained wheels or caterpillar track movements.

  • Lasts at least 6 months and up to 12 months.

  • Ideal for public roads, gravel yards and any areas of high traffic.

  • Eco and Environmentally safe.

  • Formula resists being washed out by rain, unlike many dust control products on the market.

  • Long term performance with out-standing UV resistance and sustainability

Napier Port Project

At the Napier Port, we did over 3000m2 of dust suppression in their yard (as pictured right). Previously they ran a water-tanker over the area several times a day. However after one application of our dust suppression, they no longer had that cost of the water tanker, as it was not needed.

Dust-Loc X lasting at least 6 months, simply makes itself the best of the best. 

  Napier port was very reliant on a water truck to mitigate dust on unsealed areas around the port. A trial using Dust-Loc X on an unsealed area on the port has reduced the dust significantly. We are now looking at other areas to apply Dust-Loc around site. I would recommend this product.


— Paul Rose, Enviromental Advisor 

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