The highly effective, low cost option for erosion & sediment control, soil stabilisation, lawn establishment, subdivision sign-off and many other uses.

Based in Hawkes Bay: Servicing the North Island.

Hydro-seeding is a mixture of water, grass seed, fertiliser and protective mulch, mixed & agitated in our specialist applicator and professionally applied with experienced operators.

Why you should Hydroseed

  • Its effective, immediately after application. The mulch we hydroseed with provides short-term protection from erosion and sediment run-off directly after we’ve hydroseeded. There-fore if seed germination is slow, the mulch will safeguard erodible surfaces until vegetation is established – which provides the long-term protection.

  • Dry-seeding provides no short-term protectionincreased risk of washout, increased sediment runoff, erosion and rework.

  • With our mulch having 1200-1700% water holding capacity, risk of washouts is reduced significantly. The mulch also stores water for the seed when it needs it in dryer conditions, providing an enhanced growing environment to speed up germination; 5-7 days in prime growing conditions!

  • Revegetate near vertical slopes – with an added tackifier to help it stick, we can now vegetate slopes/cuts/batters that are near on vertical!

  • Its quick – with specifically designed off-road trucks and high spec. technology we can apply up to 20,000m2 a day (depending on water sources).

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Erosion Control

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Revegetation on steep slopes

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