Why use Controlled release Fertiliser?

This high-phosphate fert is there for your benefit, key to putting the greener grass on your side of the fence.


  • Polymer coated

  • Uniform 2mm Granule

  • 10-12 weed release 

  • High Iron

  • High phosphorus

  • Micro nutrients


  • Controlled Release (temperature)

  • not effected by irrigation or rainfall

  • no leaching of nutrient

  • accurate application

  • only one application per season required, save time/labour/money

  • Suppresses moss, gives dark green coloring

  • Stimulates rapid root development

  • Helps with drought tolerance

  • Trace element package ensure optimum nutrient availability and plant health

Buy Lawn Fertiliser Online

Want the same lush, lawn as our instant lawn, but happy to wait for it to grow? Plant your own with the same specially formulated lawn seed varieties, be sure to fertilize and you will get the same results!

Lawn Fertilising Tips

Why you NEED I.G Slow Release Fertiliser

When is the best time to fertiliser your lawn

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