"Does turf harvesting slowly lower the level of the turf farm?"

It’s fairly simple. When mowing our 15ha of lawn, we mulch it back into the surface. Annually we mow 3-4 metres of grass, each metre composts decomposes down to 10mm of topsoil back into the surface, totalling 30-40mm. This balances out with the approx. 25mm of soil we take off when harvesting.

So, while we are taking topsoil off when we harvest, our turf farm is not sinking each time, but is in fact coming up by 5-15mm each year.





A tall fescue grass, broadleaf lawn that performs very well in drought conditions:


  • Deep roots, ideal for areas with water restrictions

  • Great durability to hold its own in diverse climate and soil conditions.

  • Holds its colour through winter.

  • Ideal for high wear areas, commercial environments and almost any lawn situation.


A rye grass, very fine leaf lawn with a quick recovery rate:


  • Ideal for your back lawn playing areas, sports fields

  • Ideal for medium to high wearing areas

  • Great in cold areas due to the quick recovery rate it has in colder soils

  • Dark green colour

  • Perfoms well under drought conditions


Our Turf Varieties

Available North Island wide


September 2019 our Robomax Turf Harvester arrived, making the process faster and easier for everyone. Cutting time is 4x faster, and laying time is 30% faster, while the quality is better and consistent.

Why Wait?

Why wait 12 months for a fully established lawn to play on when you could be playing on it in less than 3 weeks from ordering... It’s a no-brainer!


  • Easy to install, (see lawn installation guide)

  • Instant service

  • North Island wide delivery

  • Best of all, Instant GREEN

Place your order today and we guarantee you will have your order in 3 days or less.


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Lush well irrigated turf


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