Why Hydroseed?

For any lawn the no. 1 solution is Instant Lawn, however, Hydroseeding is the next best option, being cost effective and providing a lush green lawn.

HydroSeeding is a process of combining water, certified grass seed (of your choice), starter fertiliser and protective mulch together, which is then sprayed onto prepared soil.

This mulch mixture bonds the seed to the soil, preventing erosion from the windblown soil and light rain. The fertiliser and mulch mixture provides an ideal nurturing environment for seed germination to establish a lush dense, healthy lawn.

When watered correctly and in premium growing conditions, germination can be seen in 5 days, however the normal time span is 10-14 days.

Ideal for school lawns, backyard play areas, erosion control on steep slopes and anywhere else you want to grow grass.

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