Why Organic Mulch is vital for your garden...

Organic Mulch may make your Garden look tidy, but the work it does to improve growing conditions for your plants is what makes it most appealing.

In nature, the forest floor is covered by leaves, twigs, branches and decomposing material for majority of the year. With the help of animals, microbes and seasonal weather changes, these materials create a layer that protects the soil from erosion and weather extremes, suppresses weeds and also improves soil texture.

Spreading organic mulch in your garden is the best we can do to mimic this natural process.

Why Instant Green?

Not all mulch is good for your garden, some mulch has materials such as gravel, shells, volcanic rock, limestone and granite. Although these can be used as soil coverings, they do not hold moisture and do zilch to improve the soil.

Instant Green's Mulch is Organic which means there is only materials in it that is beneficial to your garden.

Another problem with mulch can be 'green mulch' such as fresh wood chips. This can cause a short-term reduction in available nitrogen which can cause yellowing of your plants for up to 8 weeks.

No need to worry about that as our mulch decomposes for at least 3 months before we sell it.

Available unscreened and 10 mm screened for faster decomposing.

Unscreened Organic Mulch

10mm Screened Organic Mulch.

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4 Hour Delivery Promise

The Do's and Don'ts

Do apply 7 - 13cm of mulch throughout the garden/planting bed, this will settle to a depth of 4.5 - 10 cm.

Don't apply mulch directly to the base of any plants, including trees and shrubs. This 'buries' part of the aboveground stem and can cause rotting and eventually the plant will die.

Do replenish mulch 1 - 2 times per year, or when there's 3cm or less of it. This is a rough guide however, this may vary depending on rainfall, sunshine hours, temperature, and the length of your growing season. To replenish simply add another layer to the existing mulch.

Do water your garden as per usual

Do pull out any weeds you see, although mulch suppresses weeds there are still some that come through. These are easy to pull out as they have established their root structure in the mulch.

*See the terms and conditions in our 4 hour delivery promise blog.

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