Sick of Dust and Erosion?

If you're interested in seeing the new 21st Century methods of Dust and Erosion Control in action and a FREE lunch then come along to our depot this Wednesday 31st October 11am-1pm.

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Products on display and in action will be:

GRT Wet-Loc is the newest and most advanced synthetic total dust control product. It is environmentally friendly, clear, and highly refined synthetic fluid designed to handle heavy and damaging traffic movements for at least 6 months at a time, making it perfect for: • Packing and Loading Yards • Container yards and ports • Livestock yards, pens, and stables • Heavy or tracked machinery yards and access roads • Underground mining • Racetracks and horse arenas

GRT5000 Dust control solution is a clear drying, environmentally friendly, liquid polymer that provides an exceptional surface coating solution on nearly all soil and resource surfaces. Independently performed testing confirms successful suppression of up to 95% of dust particles.

Common areas of use are:

• Roads and access tracks

• Bicycle and Recreational tracks

• Open, Cleared working sites

• Environmental Management

GRT Enviro-Binder is a unique erosion control product proven to outperform in any application and provide immediate results.

Common areas of use are:

• Cut or embankment batters

• Preload embankment protection

• Stockpiles and bunds

• V-drain & Catch Banks

GRT Rubble-Loc is a cost effective dust and wind erosion control technology designed to for use on sites such as: • Demolition Sites • Evaporation ponds and broad-scale clearings • Material Stockpiles • Natural Disaster Sites – both emergency and recovery / reconstruction phase

Don't forget to click here to let us know you'll be coming this Wednesday 31st Oct 11am - 1pm!

Look forward to seeing you then!

Address is 45 Ulyatt rd, Meeanee, Napier

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