Why you NEED I.G Slow Release Fertiliser

People often ask us, how can I have a lawn like yours?The answer is simple! Just do what we do!

Part of that is our Slow Release fertiliser.

When you buy lawn fertiliser from a retail store, majority of the time it's a 'V-drink' for your lawn - a quick boost that greens up your lawn straight away but only lasts for 3 weeks. (and you've got to mow it like crazy)

Rather than doing an energy dump, Instant Green Slow Release Fertiliser releases its goodness in a controlled way to give your lawn a sustained energy source over 10-12 weeks.

After a lot of rain over the last week, now's the perfect time to apply Instant Green Slow Release Fertiliser to maintain that primo green lawn every Kiwi needs for the rest of summer! 👍👍

Order yours now on our online store - www.instantgreen.co.nz/shop

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