Watch me FLEX!

Check out the amazing results achieved at this recent erosion control project one month after after application!

This bank was 15,000m3 of fill from a roading project in a Tolaga Bay forest so barely any nutrients available from the soil which is why we used FLEXTERRA wood-fibre mulch.

Read more below on just what this product has to offer.


When it rains, some moisture is retained in the soil on slopes, however a lot of water runs off the surface into drains etc, often taking soil with it, causing erosion.

Minimise this risk with Flexterras 1700% water holding capacity - thats 17 times its own weight! This reduces water run-off dramatically and also stores water for the grass seed to use when it needs it! 😍👍

Then we have what's called the Functional longevity of 18 months. This is the protection from wind, rain run-off etc. provided by the mulch until the seed has germinated. As well as protecting the seed, it also protects the bank from eroding away. So you're basically safe-guarded from erosion, the moment we apply the slurry.

In case you're not convinced already, check out the below comparison when Flexterra and straw/cotton/paper were applied to the same slope with the same wind and rain conditions.

Don't daly! Now's the perfect time for hydroseeding - the soil temperatures are still warm and we're just starting to get the necessary rainfall for optimum growing conditions!

Contact Ashton ASAP to discuss your erosion control needs in view of getting that bank revegetated. or 0211930931

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