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Harapaki Windfarm
2019 - 2024

New Zealand's second largest windfarm.

Covering 1,235 hectares at altitudes of 730m to 1,100m.

The Problem

Wind Farms by their nature are often located in very remote locations, which requires access tracks to be built during the construction process. On completion of the construction process, one of the final parts of the project is to reinstate access tracks and disturbed ground back to full vegetation.
These areas range in lengths and gradients, meaning they can provide a real challenge to revegetate.
With very steep slopes, and ground that was lacking in organic matter, nutrients and biological activity which is essential to sustainable vegetative establishment, and no option to top soil the areas, our client was faced with a difficult situation

Our Solution

Soil Blanket

  • Application rate 3,000kg/ha. To provide the necessary nutrients for long-term vegetation succession.

Hydro Mulch

  • With New Zealand wooden fibre and Site Loc Polymer. Application rate 2,500kg/ha. To provide stabilisation while the grass germinated and vegetation succession underway.


Extremely High Winds
Short fine weather windows 



The site showed no signs of sediment movement, erosion, riling or anything. Instead, we had achieved nearly 100% grass strike and the slip was fully stabilised, vegetation succession underway!

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