Dust-Loc...How it works


After being applied evenly it absorbs into the treated surface, making dust particles too heavy to become airborne, weighing them down like water, but without the threat of evaporation or freezing. 

No longer is there a need for a water tanker and driver to maintain dust control over your yard. Designed to handle heavy traffic movements for up to 6 months at a time, making it ideal for: ​

Heavy or tracked machinery yards 

• Forestry & Haul roads

• Container yards and ports

• Livestock yards, pens, and stables

• Underground mining

• Racetracks and horse arenas                                      Contact Ashton for a Solution

                                                                                 0211930931 or ashton@instantgreen.co.nz 

At least 250 trucks pass over this yard a day, plus a digger moving in all directions. Dust-Loc was applied to this area to protect walkers nearby and provide a safer working environment.



just try it.

With one application of dust-loc, you can have your dust settled for up to 6 months. When used on dirt\gravel roads it also helps with reduced pot-holes and road stabilization. People have found their roads don't need as much repair work, after using dust suppression as the fines in the road are binded together. Completely environmentally friendly, its safe for use around houses, wild bush and people.

Whether it be your yard, outside your house, a road... we can fix.

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