surface application

Ideal for

  • Logging roads, quarries, haul roads.

  • Vineyards/Orchards

  • Packing and Loading Yards

  • Container yards and ports

  • Livestock yards, pens, and stables

  • Underground mining

  • Racetracks and horse arenas 



Quality performance 

with outstanding UV resistance and stability.  Actively re-workable and self-healing. 



Removes the need for ongoing watering requirements, and allows business to put labour hours into more productive usage.

water resistant

Resists being washed out by rain, unlike many other dust suppression products in the market.




Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable and non-volatile.

 Doesn't effect humans, animals, or vegetation.

Environmentally safe, with a non-slip finish so it's safe to drive and walk on once penetrated.



& Orchards

A huge problem for vineyards & orchardists in the Hawkes Bay region is dust. Debris and dust can be detrimental to the vegetation growing on your crop.


Our products provide a long-lasting, binding capability that will help reduce the amount of dust and debris from irritating fruit.


Instant Green offers an easy, money saving solution to control dust and maintain your product, so let’s work together to improve the cleanliness of your vineyard or orchard and create some of the best wines & fruit the Bay has ever tasted.


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