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Which Turf Package Suits You?

Not sure how much turf and fertilizer to buy? Use this easy calculator to work out your order:

Turf Care


Let's start with your name & phone number

So we can call you after we've received the order


Enter the size of the area you need to turf, in m2

Add starter fertiliser?

Starter fertiliser ensures a strong and healthy beginning to your new turf, promoting vigorous root development and lush growth from the outset

Starter Fertilizer

Add slow release fertiliser?

We strongly recommend adding slow release fertiliser to your turf package. Choosing slow-release fertilizer with its sustained nutrient release means your lawn enjoys long-lasting vitality and color, requiring fewer applications and offering enduring beauty.

SR Fertilizer

What's your location

Let's see what you need:

You'll need this much turf:
Add Starter fertilizer:
Add slow release fertiliser:
Estimate freight:

Thanks so much for your order. We will be in touch soon to arrange payment. Feel free to call us on 0508 467 826 at any time.


Coding instructions

if #addSRfert = yes then 

calculate #srFertTot otherwise #srFertTot and srFertCost are blank.

Auckland  $185.00

Gisborne $250.00

Hamilton $175.00

Masterton $220.00

Palmerston $ 95.00

Rotorua $175.00

Taupo $110.00

Tauranga $ 170.00

Wellington $185.00

Napier $ 60.00

Hastings $60.00

Central Hawkes Bay  $70.00

On click, expand #calcs strip

#turfTot = #turfM2 

#turfCost =  #turfM2 x $20

#fertTot = #turfM2 x 0.025

#fertCost = fertTot x $12

#srFertTot = #turfM2 x 0.0375

#srFertCost = #srFertTot x $18

#freightCost = add from table above

#totalCost = addition of #...Cost fields

On submit, email to:

#recalc button clears fields

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