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Stop Dust at the Source

Site-Loc is a unique dust control product that binds the surface particles together creating a strong, weather proof 'skin/crust' that completely eliminates dust, as well as reducing erosion.

Tried and tested on the finest of surfaces including sand, Taupo Pumice, lime stone, clay, topsoil, silty loam and many more.

Site Location Cover photo with truck




Why Use Site-Loc?

Site-Loc is an environmentally friendly, weatherproof polymer based dust control product designed to be sprayed on exposed earthworks that need to be locked down to reduce dust for nearby residents, motorists etc.

Proven in the toughest environments; when it comes to locking down areas there is no point taking any risks in products that won't perform. We've been there ourselves and learnt the hard way with products that fail after a significant rain event or don't have the correct binding technology.

Site Loc can be applied with or without a marker dye. Once the marker dye fades, the polymers are still there working away, out of site and out of mind.

We can provide custom application rates for each and every site, depending on the soils/aggregates we are dealing with. Majority of sites require 6 months Dust Control, however we can provide up to 12-18 months of site lockdown with just one application.

  • Subdivisions

  • Stockpiles

  • Mine tailings

  • Bulk Earthworks 

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