Stop Erosion at the Source

Site-Loc is a unique erosion control product proven to outperform in any application and provide immediate results.


Site-Loc penetrates into the soil and forms a complex, interconnected structure with the loose granular particles. Once the polymer dries, a durable, weatherproof surface is formed binding the surface and preventing erosion. 


Site-Loc has been independently tested and extensively used across a wide range of environments, performing at a 99% success rate for erosion and sediment control. 

Effective Immediately

Immediately effective once dried, binding soil, preventing impact and sheet erosion on any exposed soil area including flat at surfaces, batters and stockpiles.

Site-Loc is an environmentally friendly, tough and durable polymer based erosion control product designed to be sprayed on exposed slopes and areas at risk of erosion by rainfall and overland flow. It also reduces the risk of dust generation to almost zero.


Higher concentrations can even be used to reduce the risk of open channel erosion. It can be applied in the most environmentally sensitive areas with erosion control performance lasting from 6 to 12 months. 

The environmentally friendly, tough and durable polymer is applied to stop erosion on exposed slopes and areas at risk of erosion by rainfall and overland flow. Areas of concentrated flow such as “vdrains” (drainage ditches) can also be effectively treated by simply applying multiple coats.  

Why Use Site-Loc?

V-drain & Catch Banks

Preload embankment protection

Stock piles & Bunds

Cut or embankment batters

  • Cost effective results allowing projects to reduce time and monetary costs associated with other mitigation measures

  • Minimal maintenance required unlike conventional methods

  • Waterproof product - not affected by rainfall or other weather events 

  • Effective immediately

  • Reduces the risk of wind erosion and subsequent dust generation to practically zero

  • Independently tested performing at 99% success rate for erosion/sediment control.

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