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Located in the heart of Hawkes Bay, Instant Green started from humble beginnings. A small family business that started in 2003 with a turf farm with a manual turf harvester and a 1000 litre hydroseeder. Over the years, it steadily grew into a business that now services all of the North Island. We have now expanded into the large metropolitan of the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland region, and have established ourselves with a reputation of top quality products and service. With the most capable hydroseeding fleet in New Zealand which includes the largest hydroseeder in NZ, and the only Automatic Turf Harvester in New Zealand.

Today Instant Green is 100% focused on providing top quality work and being a solution provider for… - Environment Improvement - Erosion Control - Stabilisation - Re-vegetation - Instant turf supply And supplying freshly cut lawn with a premium service which is second to none.


To make it an easy, simple and enjoyable experience for you, while providing a solid platform of excellent service, transparent communication and quality products We have the expertise, experience, new market leading machinery and the right product for the right place, to complete your project on time, on budget.


Values are an important part of Instant Green's identity and play a significant role in shaping our operations, branding, and relationships with employees and customers. They help to guide decision-making, build trust, create a sense of purpose, and differentiate the company in the marketplace.


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