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Hydro Seeding: Instant Stabilisation and Revegetation Solutions

Instant Green provides instant stabilisation and revegetation using New Zealand-made products that 

have been tested and proven under extreme weather conditions, steep faces, and slopes, to control 

erosion and sediment, soil stabilisation, lawn establishment, subdivision sign off, and many other 


Instant Green Celebrating 20 Years

Great candidates for hydro-mulching

Instant Green Truck

Instant Green Hydro mulching for Instant Stabilisation is a rapid and effective method of stabilising soil. A slurry containing wooden fiber, grass seed, fertilizer, and a polymer/glue is hydraulically applied to the site.

Once applied, the slurry quickly cures and forms a protective, permeable 'crust' within just 4 hours. This crust safeguards the site from erosion caused by rain and wind. During rainfall, the fiber absorbs and retains water, preventing runoff, sediment movement, and washouts. Its impressive water-holding capacity, able to retain 13.78 times its weight, promotes faster germination by providing a moisture-rich environment.

Furthermore, the use of a polymer in the slurry minimises the risk of seed displacement due to wind or groundwater flows.


The Versatility of Hydro-Seeding

Hydro-seeding is a versatile solution that addresses various challenges in landscaping and land management. Whether it's controlling erosion on steep slopes, establishing new lawns, or promoting healthy vegetation growth, hydro-seeding offers a comprehensive approach to landscape restoration and development.

Optimising Growth Conditions

One of the key advantages of hydro-seeding is its ability to create optimal growth conditions for grass seed. By combining water, premium grass seed, fertiliser, and mulch mixture into a slurry, hydro-seeding addresses the specific needs of the soil and vegetation. This approach maximises germination rates and accelerates lawn establishment, even in areas with fluctuating ground temperatures or sporadic rainfall.

Environmental Benefits

Tailored Solutions for Challenging Terrain

In areas with steep slopes or windblown soil, traditional seeding methods may struggle to take root. Hydro-seeding, however, provides a tailored solution for these difficult sites. The high-pressure application ensures thorough coverage even on uneven terrain, while the hydroseed mixture bonds with the soil, preventing erosion and promoting seed germination.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Beyond its effectiveness, hydro-seeding is a cost-effective option for large-scale revegetation projects. The ability to cover vast areas quickly and evenly reduces labor costs and minimises the need for additional treatments. Moreover, by preventing erosion and promoting healthy growth from the outset, hydro-seeding helps maintain long-term landscape integrity, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

In addition to its practical advantages, hydro-seeding offers environmental benefits as well. By stabilising soil and preventing erosion, hydro-seeding helps protect natural habitats and waterways from sedimentation and runoff. The use of biodegradable materials in the hydroseed mixture ensures minimal environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for landscaping and land management initiatives.

Benefits of Hydro-mulching

Binds with the surface, zero risk of soil being exposed - 100% stabilisation

1378% water holding capacity* - this means it can hold at least 13 times its weight in water! 

We can apply in winds of 30kph+ using a hose to provide an even application

No risk of any product being blown around, providing a tidy, professional worksite!

Weed-free, no risk of non-spec/rogue species being present

Only one application with Seed, Fert and fibre applied all at once.

Run-off is greatly reduced due to the water holding capacity of the fibre

Can be fired approx. 100m+ from our turret on top of our truck



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