• De-thatch turf as needed.

  • Overseed bare and weak areas with I.G seed blend.

  • Fertilise with I.G Slow Release Fertiliser to ensure healthy lawns through the winter


  • Winter slows down lawn growth so time to do some general maintenance. e.g. service mower, sprinklers etc.

  • Mow as necessary to ensure a luscious green lawn

  • Keep an eye out as usual for any weeds or rogue grasses and moss in shady areas.


  • In Spring, it’s vital to fertilise with I.G Slow Release Fertiliser to encourage strong early growth.

  • Spray weeds with a broad range weed killer to control broadleaf weeds.

  • Overseed bare and weak areas with the appropriate I.G seed blend.

  • During the spring/early summer growth period mow frequently, cutting a third of the grass leaf at each mowing to promote a thicker grass sward.


  • Deep, less frequent watering will reduce weed invasion and encourage growth.

  • To help with dry patches apply I.G Aquaturf wetting agent granules.

  • Lift mowing height to 35mm to reduce stress on root structure.


Eliminate Weeds

All year round it's important to make sure you manage weeds. 


To ensure a good lawn all year round we recommend a visual check regularly for weeds, the sooner you spot them the easier to exterminate them. If there is a small amount of weeds pull them out by hand, however a special weed spray may need to be applied (contact us for details about broad leaf weed control spray)

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Frequent Watering

All living things need water, and Instant Lawn is no different. However, avoid watering in the middle of the day as this can cause sunburn on the turf through magnification. We recommend watering morning and evening, especially in Summer and Spring. Contact Us about an irrigation system if you don't have one already.


Regular Mowing

Little and often is the rule of thumb, to ensure a great looking lawn.


Keep mowing frequently and with the correct cut height - never cut more than 1/3 of the blade in one mow. Avoid mowing when moisture or frost is present. 

 At Instant Green we are committed to helping you create the best possible lawn so please contact us with any turf questions.


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