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Main aspects of Turf Care

At Instant Green we believe that quality is not an option - we only use high quality certified seed that we have tried and proven with our own seed trials followed up with technical feedback from our Suppliers and Customers alike.


Now its your turn to do your part in ensuring your lawn is looking lush and green all year round. These tips below with help guide you to add value to your lawn, putting the greener grass on your side of the fence.

Turf Care


Eliminate Weeds

All year round it's important to make sure you manage weeds. 

To ensure a good lawn all year round we recommend a visual check regularly for weeds, the sooner you spot them the easier to exterminate them. If there is a small amount of weeds pull them out by hand, however a special weed spray may need to be applied (contact us for details about broad leaf weed control spray)

Removing Weeds

Frequent Watering

All living things need water, and Instant Lawn is no different. However, avoid watering in the middle of the day as this can cause sunburn on the turf through magnification. We recommend watering morning and evening, especially in Summer and Spring.


Regular Mowing

Little and often is the rule of thumb, to ensure a great looking lawn.


Keep mowing frequently and with the correct cut height - never cut more than 1/3 of the blade in one mow. Avoid mowing when moisture or frost is present. 

At Instant Green we are committed to helping you create the best possible lawn so please contact us with any turf questions.

Man Mowing Lawn
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