• De-thatch turf as needed.

  • Overseed bare and weak areas with I.G seed blend.

  • Fertilise with I.G Slow Release Fertiliser to ensure healthy lawns through the winter


  • Winter slows down lawn growth so time to do some general maintenance. e.g. service mower, sprinklers etc.

  • Mow as necessary to ensure a luscious green lawn

  • Keep an eye out as usual for any weeds or rogue grasses and moss in shady areas.


  • In Spring, it’s vital to fertilise with I.G Slow Release Fertiliser to encourage strong early growth.

  • Spray weeds with a broad range weed killer to control broadleaf weeds.

  • Overseed bare and weak areas with the appropriate I.G seed blend.

  • During the spring/early summer growth period mow frequently, cutting a third of the grass leaf at each mowing to promote a thicker grass sward.


  • Deep, less frequent watering will reduce weed invasion and encourage growth.

  • To help with dry patches apply I.G Aquaturf wetting agent granules.

  • Lift mowing height to 35mm to reduce stress on root structure.



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