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Stabilisation where it is needed

No longer is there the risk of slips & blocked roads. This product is durable and designed to carry up to 17x his own weight in water. By blasting it against the surface, it will stick there holding the seed against steep country, making it ideal for side roads/banks/cliffs.


The seed sprouts and forms a root system to protect the bank from slips, binding it together. Most commanly used in the forests, where roads have exposed cliff face/steep banks, which are vulnerable for erosion, potentially causing road damage and/or blockage.

Instant Green Celebrating 20 Years
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Hydroseeding controls erosion and sediment much better than traditional methods, offering enhanced safety with reduced traffic on roads due to its single-application requirement.

It boasts an impressive growth enhancement rate of 800% and can maintain functional longevity for up to 18 months.

Traditional methods often fall short in erosion control due to the lack of immediate seed-to-soil contact. In contrast, hydroseeding ensures direct contact with the soil, facilitating faster germination and more effective erosion control.

water resistant

Water Resistant

Resists being washed out by rain, unlike many other erosion products in the market.


Resilient Growth

Long-term performance with stability.  2-3 weeks germination. Greater than 75% erosion control effectiveness immediate upon application

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More effective and accurate than heli-seeding. Think ahead. Lawyers bills are much more expensive than hydroseeding.


Friendly & Safe

Doesn't effect humans, animals, or vegetation.

Environmentally safe.

Lawn Seeds

Seed choice is yours...

Seed type is entirely up to you.  For erosion control or ground cover for sign off we have a variety of seeds that will cater to your need.

All seed we use has been tested and is certified. Protective mulch protects the seed as well as sealing in moisture.​


Instant Green now has New Zealand's most capable hydroseeding fleet!

Meaning we can close out and stabilise large areas quickly, ensuring our clients can carry on opening up more ground. We have the expertise, experience and people to complete your project on time. On budget.


With the addition now of larger scale machines, our capacity has increased drastically to having the most capable hydroseeder in the country, able to stabilise 30-40,000m2 per day with the one machine.

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