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Environmental Improvement

Wet grass


Erosion Control

Garden Soil


Hydro Mulching

Looking for Hydro-mulching, also known as hydro-seeding in the North Island?  

Hydro-mulching is a mixture of water, grass seed, fertiliser and protective mulch, mixed & agitated in a specialist machine and professionally applied by experienced operators.

Why Choose Hydro-Mulching?

  • Immediate Effectiveness: Upon application, hydro-mulching demonstrates its effectiveness. The mulch we use offers short-term protection against erosion and sediment run-off, ensuring the safety of vulnerable surfaces until vegetation becomes established. This long-term protection is especially beneficial if seed germination is slow.

  • Water Retention: With our mulch having a 1386% water holding capacity, risk of washouts is reduced significantly. The mulch also stores water for the seed when it needs it in dryer conditions, providing an enhanced growing environment to speed up germination; 5-7 days in prime growing conditions!

  • Revitalizing Vertical Slopes: By incorporating an added tackifier, we can now successfully vegetate near-vertical slopes, cuts, and batters. This innovative technique allows us to tackle challenging terrain and promote vegetation growth.

  • Efficiency: Equipped with specially designed off-road trucks and advanced technology, we can apply hydro-mulching to an expansive area of up to 60,000m2 per day (subject to water availability). This ensures quick and efficient completion of projects.

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Suitable For:

  • Wind Farms

  • Mining

  • Roading projects

  • Subdivisions

  • Power stations

  • Home lawns

  • Steep cut/fill batters

  • Forestry


Suitable For:

  • Commercial areas

  • Residential

  • Roads

  • Quarries

  • Construction sites

Dust Control

We can supply state-of-the art dust control products throughout New Zealand. Within our service area we can apply the products  where you need them. On the South Island we can ship the product directly to you with easy instructions.   

Dust-Loc binds up the surface particles, attracts moisture from the atmosphere and ground, keeping the road damp, well compacted and Dust free. Designed for logging roads, quarries, rural roads, commercial yards, construction sites. Recommended for 'trafficked' sites

Site-Loc Penetrates and binds the surface particles tightly together to create a strong, durable, weatherproof skin/crust to completely eliminate dust. Designed for bulk earthworks, subdivisions, stock-piles. Tried, tested and proven on the harshest materials. Recommended for 'untrafficked' sites.

Turf Solutions

No need to wait 1-2 years for your lawn to mature. You can have a lovely lawn today with our Ready Lawn varieties.  We can deliver throughout the North Island.ž

Transform Your Space with Instant Green's ReadyLawn Installation Service

Are you dreaming of a lush lawn for your backyard or commercial development? Instant Green offers ReadyLawn, a quick and efficient solution that provides an instant lawn for your property. Our ReadyLawn varieties include Yorker and Playmaker, featuring tall fescue and other turf grasses suitable for residential, commercial, parks, event spaces, and civic areas. Whether you're in Auckland or Wellington, we can deliver throughout the North Island. Our roll out lawn installation service is perfect for creating a beautiful, low-maintenance space that stays greener, even in the dry summer periods.

Transform Your Space with Instant Green's ReadyLawn Installation Service

Instant Green takes pride in offering turf solutions that exceed expectations. Our turf grasses, are carefully harvested fresh for immediate use. Our turf not only recovers easily from high-traffic areas but also tolerate higher temperatures, requiring less water and regular maintenance. Our expert team ensures a hassle-free experience with free quotes and a full range of services, including delivery of topsoil and fertilizers.

Get started today and experience the Instant Green difference!


Suitable For:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Parks

  • Event spaces

  • Civic areas

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“Professional & easy to deal with.”

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As consulting works manager for the Balance of Project works at the Turitea windfarm, I used Instant Green for much of our rehabilitation works on large dump sites and earthworks.  We found their service and organisation professional and easy to deal with. While their product is slightly more expensive than alternatives, the outcomes are superior with almost zero rework and faster establishment. “ 

- Joe Morrison

Works Manager

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