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The Importance of Hydro Mulching (Hydro Seeding) Slips

When slips, or unstable slopes, are left unaddressed, they can pose various dangers and risks. Including landslides, property damage, infrastructure disruption, environmental impacts, threats to human life, and long-term instability.

Hydro Mulching also known as Hydro Seeding, involves the hydraulic application of a slurry mixture containing, New Zealand wooden fiber, grass seeds, water, fertilizer, and polymer/glue to establish vegetation in an area.

Hydro Mulching plays a crucial role in addressing slips, specifically by mitigating soil erosion and promoting vegetation establishment. Here's how hydro-mulching helps with slips:

  1. Erosion control: Big slopes are more susceptible to erosion due to their steep gradient, which can be exacerbated by rainfall and wind. Hydro-mulching provides an effective erosion control solution by quickly establishing a protective vegetative cover. The mulch in the mixture helps to retain moisture and prevent soil erosion, stabilizing the slope.

  2. Faster and more uniform germination: Hydro-mulching ensures better seed-to-soil contact, allowing the seeds to germinate more quickly and uniformly compared to traditional seeding methods. The mixture is evenly distributed across the slope, providing optimal conditions for seed germination and growth.

  3. Increased seed viability: Hydro-mulching helps improve seed viability and survival rates. The mulch and other additives in the hydroseeding slurry create a favorable microenvironment for the seeds, protecting them from harsh weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, and bird predation. This increases the chances of successful establishment on large slopes.

  4. Vegetation establishment: Hydro-mulching promotes the growth of a diverse and healthy vegetative cover. The seed mixture can be tailored to include a variety of grasses, other plant species suitable for the specific slope conditions and desired end result. The resulting vegetation helps control weeds, prevents further erosion, enhances biodiversity, and contributes to the overall aesthetics of the area.

  5. Coverage: Hydro-mulching provides excellent coverage over large areas, ensuring that the entire surface is evenly coated with a mixture of seeds, mulch, fertilizers, and other additives. This method allows for consistent and uniform distribution, which promotes successful germination and growth.

What does Hydro Mulching slips look like?

Hydro Mulching offers an effective and cost-efficient solution for erosion control on large slopes. It establishes a protective vegetative cover, promotes faster and more uniform germination, enhances seed viability, and facilitates diverse vegetation establishment. With its excellent coverage and customizable approach, hydro mulching provides a comprehensive solution for stabilizing slopes, preventing erosion, and improving the overall landscape aesthetics.

Check out these results on slips, only 4 weeks after application of Hydro Mulch!



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