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The Problem

A large subdivision needed to receive sign-off for building on.


2 Hectare 

Our Solution

Hydro Mulch

  • With New Zealand wooden fibre and Site Loc Polymer. Application rate 2,500kg/ha. To provide stabilisation while the grass germinated and vegetation succession underway.

Seed blend used was our Erosion Control seed blend. Deep rooted species that thrive in poor quality soils. 12 months after application some species can have a root structure up to 30cm deep!


The team had to fulfill responsibilities while operating within and around the current facility, machinery, and contractors engaged in earthworks within the designated zone. The project's success was achieved through proactive communication with the client and their staff.


The site showed no signs of sediment movement, erosion, riling or anything. Instead, we had achieved nearly 100% grass strike and the slip was fully stabilised, vegetation succession underway!

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