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Why is it important to have a 100% grass cover in a Drain?๐ŸŒฟ

Barren and Exposed Drain:

โŒ Increase Risk of Erosion: Lack of vegetation leads to higher erosion risk.

โŒ Increase of Drain Blocking: Risk of water damage to structures and flooding in the surrounding areas rises significantly.

โŒ Higher Pollutant Runoff: No natural filtration system results in more pollutants reaching water bodies.

โŒ Declining Water Quality: Without nutrient absorption, water quality deteriorates.

โŒ Habitat Loss: Eliminates habitat for plants, insects, and animals, reducing biodiversity.

โŒ Diminished Aesthetics: The absence of greenery makes the drainway visually unappealing.

Fully stabilized and vegetated Drain:

โœ… Erosion Control: Grass slows down water flow, reducing erosion.

โœ… Sediment Filtration: Vegetation acts as a natural filter, trapping pollutants and sediment.

โœ… Nutrient Management: Grass absorbs and prevents nutrient runoff, improving water quality.

โœ… Habitat Creation: Provides habitat for plants, animals, and supports biodiversity.

โœ… Aesthetically Pleasing: Greenery enhances the visual appeal of the landscape.

Contact us now and let us restore your drainway with Hydro-Mulching!

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