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Controlled slow release fertiliser.

Apply every 3 months to an established lawn to ensure a lucious green lawn.


Instant Green's exceptional slow-release fertiliser, designed to provide essential nutrients for maintaining the color and strength of your lawn, is ideal as a lawn starter fertilizer.


Acting like a vitamin boost, this specially formulated fertiliser ensures your lawn stays vibrant and healthy for an extended period, lasting between 9 to 12 weeks.


With its goodness in a controlled way, it gives your lawn a sustained energy source, resulting in a lush and thriving green space that you can enjoy all season long.


1kg - covers up to 40m2

5kg - Covers approx. 180m2

25kg - Covers approx. 900m2


For slow-release lawn fertiliser nz, choose Instant Green's controlled-release fertiliser.

Boost Your Lawn's Vitality with Controlled Slow Release Fertilizer

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