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Instant Green Yorker is a tall fescue lawn that performs very well in almost every lawn situation - a drought breaker! Very deep rooted turf, given it's ability to hold its own in adverse climate and soil conditions. Holds it's colour in shady places and through the winter.


Ideal lawn for:

  • High wear areas
  • Play areas, backyards.
  • Commercial environments
  • Areas where water restrictions are an issue


Are you ready to transform your landscape with a lush and resilient fescue grass lawn?


You can come in and view this variety at Instant Green.


1kg covers 15 - 20m2

5kg covers up to 75 - 100m2

25kg covers up to 500m2

We also have 500kg bags - let us know if this is something you're after.


Fescue Grass Lawn: Yorker Lawn Seed Solutions at Instant Green

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