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The Problem

Our Solution

Hydraulically applied at 3,000kg/ha, our Soil Blanket with soil conditioners and organic additives stimulates natural plant growth, unlocks nutrients, and enhances soil quality, promoting long-term vegetation on faces with minimal organic matter.

A second hydroseed application with NZ wooden fibre, Polymer, Fertiliser, Erosion control seed blend (2,000kg/ha) improves stabilization.

The wooden fibre, holding 13.78 times its weight in water, reduces erosion risk by up to 99%. Root systems secure soil, minimizing run-off by absorbing water. Vegetative cover can prevent up to 95% of rain run-off, reducing erosion.
Leaf and grass growth add an extra layer of protection, lowering erosion risk.


Implementing hydromulching in a mining rehabilitation project posed unique challenges. The site's topography, soil composition, and climate variability required meticulous planning to ensure the success of the rehabilitation process. Overcoming these challenges demanded a tailored approach, taking into account the specific conditions of the 3-hectare area.


Our tailored solution provide a 10 vegetation cover, preventing soil erosion and promoting biodiversity. The successful rehabilitation not only met regulatory standards but exceeded expectations for post-mining land use.
Now enabling the mine to close out the stage and move onto the next stage of earthworks. With no holdups or having to wait around 6 months before a grass stike comes through. 
The 3-hectare site now stands as a testament to the effectiveness of hydromulching in mine rehabilitation, showcasing a sustainable model for similar projects in the industry.

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