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Maximizing Slope Restoration: The Advantages of Tracked Sites and Hydro Mulching.

Q: Why are tracked sites on slopes preferred for hydro mulching?

A: Tracked sites are preferred because they effectively bind Hydro Mulch to the soil, resulting in better germination and vegetation growth. Additionally, they ensure optimal water distribution and seed-to-soil contact, maximizing the benefits of hydro mulching.

Q: How do rough graded and tracked sites compare to compacted and smoothed substrates in terms erosion potential?

A: Rough graded and tracked sites have up to 42% less erosion potential compared to compacted and smoothed substrates. This means they are better at preventing soil erosion, making them a more reliable choice for slope restoration.

Q: Why does faster seed germination and growth occur on tracked sites?

A: Tracked sites promote faster seed germination and growth because the track pockets effectively collect surface water. This provides the seeds with better access to water, which is essential for their development.

Q: What makes tracked sites a preferred choice for slope restoration?

A: Tracked sites offer a combination of benefits, including enhanced Hydro Mulch binding, improved germination, and reduced erosion potential. These features make them a more successful and sustainable option for slope restoration projects.

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