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The Crucial Role of Soil Temperatures in Hydromulching

One of the main factors for successful germination is Soil Temperatures🌡

Instant Green doesn't take a one mix fixes all approach, we believe in personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. We take individual soil samples at every site, ensuring the best outcomes for our valued customers. By choosing the right varieties to your project, we can achieve germination even in soil temperatures as low as 7 degrees Celsius. Some varieties remain dormant until spring, flourishing as temperatures rise.

By understanding the critical role soil temperatures play in Hydromulching, we can offer tailored solutions that maximize germination rates and ensure the long-term success of your erosion and sediment control efforts.

Do you have an upcoming Revegetation or Rehabilitation project? Contact our expert team at Instant Green for information about our tailored solutions. Contact:



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